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In the retro-style of classic Nintendo games comes The Incredible BAM Boys.

In the retro-style of classic Nintendo games comes The Incredible BAM Boys.

In the retro-style of classic Nintendo games comes The Incredible BAM Boys. Jump, dash, and sprint your way through unique platformer levels across several different worlds. Stomp enemies, collect golden coins, and chow down on eggplants because each coin or powerup you collect and each enemy you squash buys you more time. See how far you can get... or how long you can last. No two playthroughs are exactly alike!

*** Easy to Use 2-Touch Controls! ***

Hold the left side of the screen to run left (otherwise you run right), Press the ride side to Jump. Easy yet flexible!

*** Unique Worlds to Explore ***

From grasslands to ice plains to mountains to dungeons, adventure through the rich and varied lands of BAM, each with unique enemies and challenges.

*** Endless Levels ***

World chunks are randomly arranged together when you play, giving each level a unique flow. Incredible replay value.

*** Easy to Learn, Tough to Master ***

Simple and intuitive gameplay which scales in difficulty as you go. Casual gamers will find a fun and easy game that they can pickup and play anywhere, whereas serious gamers will find challenge in reaching and mastering the higher levels.

*** Optimized for Phones and Tablets ***

Beautiful retro style graphics that scale to both phones and tablets.It is recommended you have at least 1 GB of RAM in whatever device you play BAM Boys.

*** Automatic Wiimote Compatibility with older Android Devices! ***

Note that due to some design choices in Android, this option is ONLY available on some older devices running Android versions 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and earlier... SORRY!!!

Connect a Wiimote to your phone or tablet using "WiimoteController" (search the Play Store for this great free app). To use the Wiimote in BAM Boys, simply start using the controller, the game detects it automatically and instantly grants you control. To return to touch screen controls, just start touching the screen! Nothing is simpler!

KNOWN ISSUE: Using the pause feature disrupts the Wiimote control, be warned!



BAM Boys is a project of passion. I made it as a tribute to all the classic Nintendo and Super Mario games that I loved as a kid. I am planning on releasing updates in the future with new enemies, new worlds, and new maps, so keep an eye out for this ever expanding NES-style platformer to grow in the months to come.

I also am also working on a multiplayer version to work with multiple controllers (synced to Android devices). This version would include side scrolling levels like the current version does, but also arena modes where you compete to outdo or just kill off your buddies before they can do the same to you. If that sounds like something you want then leave a comment to let me know, and help me build support for BAM Boys by rating this app and sharing it with your friends!

BAM Boys Mobile


BAM Boys Mobile 1.2

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